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5 Reasons You Need a Swim Spa in Your Life


Not quite sure what a swim spa is? Wondering how it differs from a hot tub or a swimming pool? If you’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a pool, but it costs too much money, or you’ve been eyeing up a hot tub, but it seems way too small, then this article is for you! Read on for more, as we take an in-depth look at swim spas and why you need one in your life!


Swim spas or all-season pools are quite the hit in Canada. At around 15 feet long and eight feet wide, they solve all the solutions of swimming, exercising, relaxing, floating, paddling and more. They’re larger than a hot tub but smaller than a swimming pool, and they combine the best elements of both. Best of all, swim spas produce a powerful current that brings the freedom and enjoyment of open-water swimming right to your home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits.


Ideal for those who don’t have the room or the finance, a swim spa takes up less space, uses less water and energy, and requires fewer chemicals than a swimming pool. With standard-sized models that are only 15 feet in length and less than 8 feet wide, they’re designed to fit into most backyards, patio or recreational areas and can be used indoors or outdoors. Why not check out our SwimLife™ All Season Pools? They have the lowest average operating costs in the industry and can also be relocated when you move.


While some prefer to relax in the massaging waters of a spa, the current provided by a swim spa is the optimal choice for users who are looking to reap the benefits of aqua-aerobics, resistance training or swimming laps, all without ever hitting the end of the spa.

This is because the current, which usually ranges from 2.5 mph to 8 mph, stays constant. If you’re using the spa to increase your swimming and endurance, you will probably want a faster current as you progress. Why not talk to one of our swim spa specialists to find the current that’s best for you!  


One of the best parts about swim spas is that they offer all the traditional benefits of a hot tub, due to the hot-water jets that are designed to massage your body. This means you can engage in a water workout, then sit back and relax, as you enjoy a massage in the same spa when you’ve finished.


Another great advantage of a swim spa is the fact that it can be used year-round if it’s located in your home. Above-ground models can also be transported inside once the winter months arrive and some even use them outside during the cold weather if they’re installed in a covered area. 


Taking care of a swim spa is a breeze when compared to that of a traditional, larger pool. This is because swim spas use a smaller amount of chemicals due to the size and acrylic or fibreglass construction materials. These materials result in a smoother surface and fight against the formation of algae.

Are you interested in purchasing a swim spa? If so, Wellness Shop is a great place to begin! We have a range of SwimLife™ All Season Pools available in our showrooms across Ontario at locations in Hamilton, Burlington, Whitby, and more.  For all other inquiries, please contact your closest Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario dealership today!


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