All Season Pools

Invest in Your Health and Wellness

Perfect for indoor and outdoor installations, all season pools offer the perfect combination of a hot tub and swimming pool. These compact systems can be used for exercise, relaxation or recreation, with features to help create the perfect experience. Our SwimLife™ All Season Pools are built to last, with durable materials, innovative technology and a timeless design.

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365 Days a Year

Rain, shine or snow, all season pools can be enjoyed all year long.

SwimLife All Season Pools in Ontario

Family Fun

Spend time with family and friends within the luxurious water.

All Season Pool in Burlington, Ontario

Exercise & Leisure

These versatile water features allow you to swim, soak or play.

swimlife all season pool in ontario

Low Costs

Enjoy the perks of a hot tub-pool combo installation at a lower cost.

Find the Best All Season Pool for You

Our experts at the Wellness Shop can help you find the right all season pool for your lifestyle. Innovative and durable, all season pools are available in a number of sizes and with various features. Whether you are looking to exercise, relax or entertain, we have the perfect all season pool for you.

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Sutro Smart Monitor

The Sutro Smart Monitor is a revolutionary device that enables effortless monitoring of the water in your all season pool. With an automatic pH, alkalinity, and chlorine or bromine level monitoring feature, the Sutro ensures that your spa water remains in optimal condition at all times. The device conveniently sends the results directly to your mobile device and also provides recommendations for accurate water treatment, making spa maintenance a breeze! 


Heal your body and mind today.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

No matter your fitness goals, an all season pool can provide you with a new, low-impact approach to achieve them. The open-concept space can be used for a variety of floor exercises to help strengthen muscles and burn calories. Power up the high-powered jet system for a personalized swim experience. This jet creates a current that is strong enough for users to swim, walk or jog against for a well-rounded workout.

All Season Pool in Burlington, Ontario

Aquatic Circuit Training

All season pools create the ideal environment for a low-impact, full-body workout. Aquatic circuit training provides the perfect blend of aerobic activity and strength building exercises. This approach tends to burn more calories than other workouts.

All Season Pool swim spa in Ontario

Swim Workouts

Swim continuously against a stream of water for an effective and uninterrupted workout. The adjustable swim current delivers resistance to best suit your needs, while the advanced stabilization of the jets and unique shell design keeps you centred and focused.

All Season Pool swim spa in Ontario

WaveRider Controls

The WaveRider Current Control enables the user to adjust the current to create a wave pool. Enjoy hours of fun inside your all season pool by using a tethered boogie board to simulate riding a wave in open water. Perfect for swimmers of all ages, the WaveRider can help to improve your balance and strength as the waves impact the boogie board.

10 Reasons to Own an All Season Pool

  1. Spend more time outdoors
  2. Strengthen bonds with loved ones
  3. Strengthen your body and tone muscles
  4. Maintain a healthy body weight
  5. Ease muscle tension and sore joints
  6. Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  7. Improve your backyard design
  8. Experience better sleep patterns
  9. Soak or swim through the year
  10. Spend time more relaxing

Healing the Mind and Body

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique can benefit your health in many ways. The combination of heat, massage and buoyancy within an all season pool create the perfect environment for healing. For centuries, people have recognized and utilized the healing properties of hydrotherapy. In fact, spending just 20 minutes in your all season pool several times a week can offer the following benefits:


Mitigate the symptoms of arthritis and physical injury


Improve blood flow and circulation


Alleviate muscle and joint pain


Help restore range of motion and flexibility


Bring the body into a calmer state


Reduce stress and improve sleep patterns

Choose the Perfect All Season Pool

Connect With One of Our All Season Pool Experts to Learn More

Your Health and Wellness

Improve your emotional, mental and physical health by soaking or exercising in your all season pool on a regular basis. Before you know it, an all season pool can become an integral part of your self-care regimen. It’s time to give back to your body. Investing in an all season pool can provide your physical, mental and emotional health with the support it needs to stay healthy and energized. Rejuvenate your body with jet massage, warm luxurious water and seats that are designed to naturally support your body.

Therapeutic Benefits

What better way to relax after a long day or vigorous workout, than in your all season pool? From the moment you dip your toes into the warm, jet-driven water, you can feel the therapeutic benefits start to take effect. The heat and buoyancy work together to help you relax by lifting pressure from your body and surrounding you with soothing heat. Once you’ve entered a state of relaxation, the jet massage can really begin to take effect.

Low-Impact Exercise

While many of us find that exercise can help to burn calories and strengthen muscles, it can also be tough on your joints. When you move your workout to the water, the buoyancy helps to lift pressure, creating a low-impact experience. For those who suffer from arthritis, are recovering from an injury or have a health condition that affects physical exercise, an all season pool can prove to be very helpful.

Jet-Driven Massage

Within each spa is a series of hydrotherapy jets that are placed strategically. This expert placement allows them to target the most stress-prone areas of your body with a stream of water that is powerful, yet gentle to the touch. The perfect combination of air and water flows through each jet, so you aren’t left with a stinging or itchy feeling afterward.

White Glove Installation:
Delivery, Installs & Electrical

With Wellness Shop, all you have to do is choose an all season pool and our experts will take care of the rest. Our White Glove Installation professionals will deliver your all season pool and professionally install it.

The standard electrical installation of a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, All Season Pool, or Infrared Sauna all includes the following:
  • 80 FT to 6/3 electrical cable outdoor or indoor suitable
  • GFCI breaker
  • Main breaker (any brand)
  • Up to 5 FT of trenching
  • All required clamp connectors and any other miscellaneous material to complete electrical
  • All required labour
  • Electrical Safety Authority mandatory permit and inspection
  • There may be potential additional costs
White Glove Program Benefits

We coordinate electrical with delivery dates for hook up within 48 hours of delivery.

inspect checklist

Our trained experts fill and inspect your all season pool on-site.


Our electricians pull all necessary permits and have the work inspected by ESA.

no hassle

No hassle. Guaranteed work.

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