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Enjoy your spa for years to come with help from our professionals. Whether you own a hot tub or all season pool, it’s important that the water is cleaned and system is maintained on a regular basis. This can ensure a clean and safe environment for swimming, soaking and relaxing. Not to mention that hot tubs and all season pools that are properly maintained often tend to last longer. Repairs don’t go unnoticed and unnecessary stress is not put on the filtration system to clean the water.

At Wellness Shop, we value premium service. That’s why the service technicians at each of our locations are fully trained, certified and experienced. You can book your spa service online and explore our professional maintenance solutions below.


Creating an account makes requesting and monitoring your service requests quick and easy! By creating an account, you can:


Is your hot tub not running properly and you’re not sure what to do? Chat or text with one of our service experts who will help: 


Leave your hot tub and all season pool maintenance to our team of experts. Book maintenance service online:

EXPLORE OUR Knowledge Base

Browse our extensive knowledge base for articles, videos and tips to troubleshoot and maintain your spa. Our knowledge base includes:

Common Spa Issues

At Wellness Shop, our team of spa professionals have years of experience with hot tubs and all season pools. They are certified and trained in all of our spa systems, so you can find confidence in having them care for your hot tub or all season pool. They can visit your home to inspect your spa, diagnose the issue and then rectify the problem. While they are well versed in many areas of spa care and repair, there are some issues that are more frequent than others.

Cloudy Water

Nobody wants to soak in water that is cloudy, foamy or dirty. Getting the water clean (and keeping it clean) is important. You can follow our guided walk-thru on how to get your hot tub water clean again here: Fixing Cloudy Water.  If you’re regularly having issues, consider a maintenance plan.

Put Your Water Care On Auto Pilot

Keeping up with water maintenance can be tricky — but you can put your water care on auto pilot with the Sutro. Know exactly what, how much and when to add chemicals with alerts to your phone. Visit for more details.

Worried Your Hot Tub Might Freeze?

In winter, if something goes wrong with your hot tub and the water starts getting cold, be sure that you’re protected by having a space heater on hand. View our article: Protect Your Hot Tub From Freezing.

The Benefits of Professional Spa Service

Proper maintenance can help you make the most of your spa. Not only will it create a safer spa experience, but a more enjoyable one too. At Wellness Shop, we offer professional and comprehensive service solutions to help you better enjoy your spa.

There are many benefits to having your spa maintained by a professional, such as:

Spend free time enjoying your hot tub or all season pool, while our service technicians take care of the rest.