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How To Create Ideal Backyard Hot Tub Installation – 5 Steps


What better way to maximize the serenity and indulgence of your hot tub experience, than with a gorgeous hot tub installation?

A hot tub installation can transform your backyard into something astounding. Your hot tub can easily become the highlight of an elaborate design that encapsulates all that your property can offer. Finding the motivation to research, plan, and then execute the perfect backyard hot tub installation is the first step.

You can turn your simple backyard into an extravagant and personalized masterpiece, and it all begins with a hot tub.

Find Your Inspiration

Creating a backyard hot tub installation can provide you with an opportunity to personalize your property. Transforming your backyard with a hot tub installation can help you to add functionality and a new-found beauty. A great way to get started is to research spa installations to help you feel inspired and really get your creative juices flowing.

Exploring what others have done can give you a better idea as to what you might desire. You can browse our online installation gallery to get started and find some inspiration for your own backyard.

Take note of the landscape and layout of the other installations. If you see a backyard or property that resembles your own, take note! As eye-catching as some installations might be, if they aren’t suitable for the space you have, they may not work.

While saying that, you can always customize, tweak, and personalize certain installations to your own property. Having an open mind and vibrant imagination can prove to be very beneficial while planning your backyard hot tub installation!

Planning the Spa Installation

The key to a successful hot tub installation is accurate planning. Having a well-thought-out plan allows you to explore all the options available to you. First and foremost, you should get an idea of your wants, needs, and requirements. There are a few questions you may want to answer first:

  • Where will I install my hot tub?
  • What other additions can my backyard accommodate?
  • What do my loved ones and I want from a hot tub installation?
  • What is my budget?

Answering these questions can help you to determine what you are looking for while planning the installation. Your hot tub installation can set the mood and atmosphere of your entire backyard. If you are planning on entertaining family and friends, having seating areas for guests to lounge in may be beneficial.

Always keep your budget in mind while planning and shopping for your hot tub installation. Higher prices usually mean higher quality, which can really pay off in the long run. You can always explore different options to accommodate your budget.

If your budget has wiggle room, you may want to splurge for higher-quality items. These features will be exposed to the elements, so having durable quality may be beneficial for you in the long run.

The experts at Wellness Shop will be able to help you explore all your options and find a solution that meets both your needs and budget.

5 Steps to Installing a Hot Tub Properly

The steps to install a hot tub is much easier than most people realize. It simply requires some basic planning and advance preparation. Plus, it’s important to realize that your dealer will be there to help every step of the way, including at your house, whenever necessary.

To help get you started, here’s how the typical hot tub installation process works:


Working with your dealer, select the best space to place for your outdoor hot tub by considering factors like accessibility, privacy, and view.

The dealer will inspect your property to ensure adequate yard space, clearances, overhangs, and other technical requirements before you settle on the ideal spot that’s both beautiful and efficient.


Now that you’ve selected the ideal space for your hot tub, it’s time to prepare the site. Your dealer will help you to select and assemble the site components and accessories that best suit your specific hot tub and backyard.

The dealer will also coordinate any work that needs to be done in advance, such as the concrete foundation and electrical requirements.


Today’s the day your hot tub is finally here! Your dealer will help you to hook up the hot tub electricity, fill it up with water and make sure that it’s functioning properly for use. In most cases, you’ll even be able to get in your new hot tub that very day!


Now it’s time for the most important step — explore what your hot tub has to offer! Now that you’ve joined the ranks of all other Jacuzzi® Hot Tub owners, it’s time to check out all of the adjustable special features.

Get to know how the control panel settings work, test out each button and adjust the power of each jet. Make a note of any questions for your dealer that may arise during this step.


Although your hot tub’s already installed, the work doesn’t stop there for your dealer.

After you’ve had a chance to adequately test your hot tub, your dealer will conduct a follow-up to verify that the hot tub is working properly and that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.

Complete Your Hot Tub Lifestyle and Enjoy!

Congratulations! Your backyard hot tub installation plan is complete. Now it’s time for the fun part: accessorizing, landscaping, and enjoying! At Wellness Shop, we have valuable partnerships with a variety of landscaping companies around Ontario. Enquire with one of our team members to find a landscaping company that can help you create your dream hot tub installation and backyard oasis!

A few simple add-ons can make a world of difference when it comes to completing your all-inclusive hot tub lifestyle. The first 100 days of owning your hot tub is the perfect time to fully equip yourself with everything you need so that you’ll never have to leave your ultimate backyard oasis. To help get you started, here are some of our favorite, easy-to-implement hot tub solutions.


No matter what the weather’s like, maximize everyone’s comfort with these ideas. A cabinet of plush, fluffy towels and robes ready keeps everyone warm when they’re not in the tub. Towel racks and towel trees keep towels, robes, and slippers dry and clean.

Our hot tub steps at Wellness Shop provide an easy and stylish entrance into your hot tub and last for years to come. Swing-arm umbrellas provide adjustable shade and protection from unpredictable weather when you need it. Privacy screens create a secluded getaway that’s hidden from view.


Keep the cold drinks flowing and your stomach from growling with these accessories. A sturdy set of plastic cups and can ensure that everyone can enjoy a cold drink without the danger of broken glass. Floating drink and snack caddies give you and your guests the luxury of savoring food and drinks in style.

An outdoor mini-fridge is great for always keeping ice-cold drinks within arm’s reach. A stainless steel ice bucket and tongs help to keep everyone’s drinks chilled with a steady supply of ice cubes.


Make sure no one gets bored with these easy ideas for constant entertainment. Floating board games and waterproof cards provide competitive fun for all ages. Floating disco balls get the party really started by casting multi-colored lights throughout the water.

Candles or twinkling lights help to boost the romantic ambiance on date night. Either a good book or your favorite magazine is great for decompressing with a relaxing read. Especially with many of us spending more time at home these days, it’s more important than ever before to turn up the fun in your backyard space.

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