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Does Wellness Shop Service or Repair Sundance Spas?


At the end of a long day, there is truly nothing better than indulging in a leisurely soak in your hot tub. With a little bit of soothing music and a cold drink, it can be just the ticket to help you unwind.

However, nothing can put a damper on your relaxation goals than discovering that there is an unexpected issue with your hot tub. While these problems can be quite rare, they are also understandably also fairly frustrating, too.

Fortunately, FixMyHotTub is here for you to help you get back into your hot tub — without having to worry or stress about downtime or delays in enjoying it!

An Ounce of Prevention

One of the best ways to keep your hot tub operating smoothly is to stay on top of a spa maintenance schedule. Routine checkups and regular hot tub service can help detect any minor issues before they become bigger problems, allowing you to make the most of your spa.

FixMyHotTub is pleased to offer a wide variety of preventative service options for your hot tub, including draining and refilling of your spa, cleaning of the filter, and a 21-point inspection.

Addressing the Issues

Very few things can be as disappointing as anticipating a hot tub soak in your hot tub, only to find out that the water heater has malfunctioned. Or perhaps you were looking forward to a relaxing afternoon, only to discover that your spa has sprung a leak.

While these can certainly be serious concerns, FixMyHotTub has the skill and expertise to promptly address these issues and help make your hot tub as good as new.

If your spa’s hot tub or pump isn’t working, FixMyHotTub can quickly and efficiently replace it with a brand-new one. If there’s a leak, they can find it and repair it.

Their trained technicians are friendly, responsive, and efficient. In many cases, they can fix the issue in a single visit, saving you time and money.

Treating Yourself

Of course, maintenance and repairs aren’t the only services that FixMyHotTub provides. Even if you find that your spa has no current issues, you may be considering upgrading it.

They are proud to offer a number of luxurious upgrades to a variety of hot tubs and spas, including Sundance® Spas and other popular brands, allowing you to make the most out of your backyard retreat.

Whether you’re looking to improve your hot tub’s water system, or you have something else in mind, their knowledgeable technicians are delighted to assist you.

A Trusted Brand and Trusted Partner

It’s important to remember that if anything does happen to your hot tub, many modern hot tubs for sale including Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Sundance® Spas are pleased to offer a great warranty to help you enjoy your hot tub to its fullest.

In many instances, your repairs may be fully covered by the warranty, which means that you may not even have to worry about any out of pocket expenses.

If you are ready to schedule a maintenance checkup for your hot tub, or you have any questions about your Sundance® Spa, why not reach out to FixMyHotTub to learn more?

Their friendly service technicians are looking forward to helping you today!


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