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Gift Ideas for the Sauna Owner in Your Life


Looking for the perfect gift for the sauna owner is your life? While finding the right gift for your family or friends may appear to be a daunting task with the right strategy you can make your loved one very happy. If you have a loved one who is a proud owner of an infrared sauna, we have 6 incredible gift ideas that are sure to make them smile. Read on for more information!

Robe and Towels

Most sauna owners will agree, there is nothing quite like a quality set of cotton towels and robes for a sauna session. Towels and robes can be used before, during and after any sauna session, making them an absolute asset to the overall experience. Cotton fabric is great for absorbing sweat and can be easily washed after each use. While we suggest opting for white to keep it neutral, don’t be shy to opt for a towel or robe in their favourite colour. 

Towel Rack

As you now know, robes and towels are a necessity for most sauna owners. What better way to store them and improve accessibility, than a towel rack? Either a towel rack that can be installed into a nearby wall or a coat rack will work, so long as the towels and robes can be easily hung and stored. Before purchasing, think of the space that hosts their sauna installation. Try your best to match the rack to wood and other furniture in the area, or the sauna itself!

Essential Oil Diffuser

While we don’t recommend bringing essential oils inside the sauna with you, a diffuser can make a great addition for outside of the sauna. You can relax and get into the mood for some much-needed self-care with help from your favourite aromatherapy scents. 

Here are some scents that you may want to consider including:

·       Eucalyptus

·       Lemon

·       Lavender

·       Ylang Ylang

·       Jasmine

·       Bergamot

·       Chamomile

All that the infrared sauna owner in your life has to do is fill with water, add a few drops and enjoy the benefits that essential oil aromatherapy has to offer, before, during and after their sauna session.

Wall-Mounted Sand Timer

It can be easy to lose track of time while relaxing in a sauna. To help the sauna owner in your life make the most of their experience and relax for the recommended amount of time, every time, consider getting them a sand timer that can be mounted to the wall of their sauna. At the beginning of each session, all they have to do is flip over the timer to ensure they are inside for the appropriate amount of time.

Skin Care Products

One of the best things about relaxing in a sauna is clear and rejuvenated skin. While sitting in a sauna, the raised temperature will cause you to sweat, which helps to both open your pores and flush out toxins. Once your pores are open it is the perfect time to give it a good cleansing. This is where a range of skincare products can really come in handy.

When shopping for the sauna owner in your life, consider picking up the following items to help them care for their skin following a sauna session:

·       Epsom salts

·       Bath bombs

·       Loofah

·       Bubble bath

·       Face masks

·       Facial cleanser

·       Body soap

·       Body lotion

Finish it off with a couple of new, soft face cloths – and you are good to go!


Nothing says a spa day quite like a few tropical plants. Gift your friend or family member with a new potted plant for their sauna area. Although it won’t go directly into the sauna with them, placing some flowers and/or greenery in the sauna area can help to create an atmosphere that is perfect for healing and rejuvenation. We recommend a snake plant, aloe vera or palm.

Infrared Saunas for Sale

Are you interested in living the sauna lifestyle? Speak with our team of experts at your local Wellness Shop location today! We have a wide selection of Jacuzzi® Saunas that can help to improve your overall lifestyle with relaxation and a vast array of health benefits. To learn more about our infrared saunas for sale, contact us today.


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