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Is there a natural way to help our immune systems?


Every year come the fall and winter, it is easy to tell that cold and flu season has arrived. We begin pulling out tissue boxes and cough syrup as each member of the family falls prey to the sniffles.

Is there a natural way to help our immune systems?

Hot water hydrotherapy serves to balance your white blood cell count while you are healthy – either down-regulating when your count is too high or up-regulating when your count is too low. By increasing blood flow and warming your body, you are facilitating the process in which white blood cells exit the blood and enter your tissues where they combat infection.

This regulation and balance could prepare your immune system for the cold and flu season, or during any other time of the year. A regular and repeated increase in body temperature by using a Jacuzzi can help combat current pathogens and allow the body an opportunity to become warmer than usual, creating a ‘fake fever’ of sorts. Hydrotherapy is a natural and preventative measure that can be useful for the elderly, children, and for any individual with a compromised or low-functioning immune system.

Immersing your chest in warm water and steam permeating your nasal passages allows you to breathe freely and can help expel fluids from the chest.

Hot tubs are typically safe for children and those of older age who are especially susceptible to the cold and flu. A hot tub is a holistic tool that can offer increased immune function all year long and can prevent or decrease the duration of a cold or the flu.


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