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Jacuzzi for Life Makes Perfect Sense for the Gozzetto Family


Jason Gozzetto and his family are the owners of a new Jacuzzi Hot Tub. They purchased their powerful J-385™ hot tub and opted to go with the Jacuzzi for Life program. Jacuzzi for Life is a service that provides you with a new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, maintenance, repairs and upgrades while you pay a monthly fee. It holds the opportunity to provide hot tub owners with a new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and peace of mind.

Let’s hear what Jason Gozzetto and his family have to say.

What made you and your family decide to go with Jacuzzi for Life?

Jacuzzi for Life just made the most sense in my personal opinion. You have to look at an investment in a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub like you do a car. You pay the monthly fee and they do what I would call the preventative maintenance. Then at the end of every third year, they give us a brand new hot tub.

In theory, it’s like you’re never out of warranty – but you get the benefit of having a new hot tub. It makes perfect sense for us.

Since you got your tub in April, have you reaped the benefits of Jacuzzi for Life?

Let’s see, we’ve used the tub probably three to four times a week. It’s better than a pool in my personal opinion. In the spring when we got it, it was still cool outside. So we could put the tub up to 98° and it was still relaxing. Then in the summer like last week when it felt like it was 40 with the humidity, we dropped it down to 89° and it was still nice and relaxing.

I find it is a nice way to relax. I have a bad foot from jogging which never healed properly. The Jacuzzi® hot tub helps with that and makes it feel better after I go for a run. It really helps when you have a sore back too.

I can’t find one thing wrong with it except for the fact that we should have got one a lot sooner.

Does your daughter enjoy the hot tub?

She loves it! To her it’s like a pool, so she has a lot of fun there. Our nephew Ethan was up last weekend too for Father’s Day when we had family over. They were in it for a long time and had a lot of fun. That’s part of the reason why he’s here again today as you’ve heard. He’s looking forward to spending the day in and out of the hot tub.

It’s been fantastic for all of us.

How do you find the maintenance?

It’s been relatively simple, that’s part of the benefit of Jacuzzi for Life. The things that I would consider harder to do are taken care of for me and it’s a part of the package deal.  I go to Jacuzzi once a week to get the water tested and they tell me what I need to do before I perform the weekly maintenance. Honestly, it’s like having a plug-in-play.

I first thought it was going to be a lot of work, but it’s not. I’m glad we went the way we did.

How did you find your sales representative was when you purchased your Jacuzzi®?

She is probably one of the best reps I’ve ever dealt with. Melanie knows her stuff and she’s not a pressure seller. I’m in sales, so for me it’s hard to sell a sales guy because you know every trick they’re going to use.

Mel is great. She’s knowledgeable, she’s thorough and she follows up like you wouldn’t believe. There’s a lot of competition with hot tubs, just like everything else. I think when she sells a product she wants you to be happy and not buy something that isn’t best for you.

I really wanted the lounger, but she said that the lounger may not be the best choice for us and gave me a list of reasons why. You know what? I’m glad I didn’t get it. From a space situation and ease of use from the dome shape that in our Jacuzzi®, it’s a lot better in my opinion. It’s great on the feet, back and everything.

She put us in the right Jacuzzi for us. We even upgraded one. We were originally looking at the J-365 which was a little smaller, but then we looked at the value for money we’d be getting out of it. The J-385 was a better deal for what we got and for its size.

Mel’s been great. I would recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a hot tub.

gozzetto family jacuzzi for lifa

How has your experience with our staff been since you purchased your Jacuzzi®?

Mel is normally there every week. I think she works about as much as I do. There’s another gentleman that works there named Andrew. She seems to put a lot of training into her sales group.

The more knowledge you have of your product and your competitor’s product, the better it is to sell. I think Melanie and the people Melanie brings in truly believe in the product.

She did a great follow-up, and she doesn’t oversell. I come in every week and she takes care of my water testing, which only takes around ten minutes. She asks about the family and even gave my daughter Jacuzzi ducks to play with and keep.

Did you take a look at other hot tub brands besides Jacuzzi?

Yes, we did. That was the other interesting thing about what Mel said. When we talked to her she said to go see the competition and come back.

We had looked at buying a hot tub for a long time. So we looked at Beachcomber, Arctic Spa, and other brands. But what intrigued us about Jacuzzi was how it’s built, the warranty and the Jacuzzi for Life program. Beachcomber who was our second choice didn’t have those features. We received a great follow-up from Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs.

And of course Jacuzzi is a known name, it’s THE name in hot tubs.

Why would you recommend Jacuzzi for life to other Jacuzzi owners? 

For a Jacuzzi® owner that doesn’t have it? I’d say peace of mind.

It’s like a mechanic. I could learn to do my own oil changes, but personally I’d rather hand it over to someone that’s certified to do it. If they see something else that could potentially go wrong then they know what to look for. They do a lot of what I call preventative maintenance.

Also to get a new tub every three years, like I said you’re always covered. If for whatever reason the worst-case scenario happens, like something cracks or the pump breaks, these are things that would be costly or you’d have to replace the whole tub.

So we let somebody come in and do the preventative maintenance, change the filters, change the CLEARRAY® bulb, do all of those things for us, and then every three years give us a new tub. All I have to do is use the tub.

Mel said it best,

“You get to sit in your Jacuzzi®, have a drink, relax, and everything is taken care of for you.”

It really is the peace of mind in my opinion, because all the major stuff gets taken care of by Jacuzzi®.


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