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Light Therapy

Light Therapy Benefits

Colour Light Therapy in Saunas

Did you know that exposure to certain colours can help improve your mood and even restore internal imbalance? Applying colour to the human body, also known as colour light therapy, can lead to many wonderful health and cosmetic benefits, especially when used within the comfort of an infrared sauna. Different colours can lead to various improvements, it all depends on what your body is craving and your end goals.

red light therapy
clearlight infrared sauna light therapy

The History of Colour Light Therapy

The history of colour light therapy can be traced all the way back to Mayan culture.

Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is constructed from the idea that every individual contains five elements of the universe, which are unique to the person, such as their personality type and constitution. When out of balance, Ayurveda can help to restore this balance by working with the energies inherent of the colours of the spectrum.

Ancient Egypt
The Hermetic tradition founded the art of healing with colour. The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks utilized coloured minerals, stones, crystals, salves, and dyes as remedies, while treatment sanctuaries were painted in various shades of colour to help achieve certain health improvements

Traditional Chinese medicine associates each organ and elemental system with colour. This particular method of healing resonates with the idea that every individual has a balance, and by implementing these colours to their surroundings, they can help them to achieve that balance.

Modern Day
Today, the use of light and colour to help achieve therapeutic benefits is being practiced and further studied in healthcare facilities all around the world. It has been shown that full-spectrum, ultraviolet, coloured, and laser light can have therapeutic value for many conditions, including but not limited to chronic pain, depression and immune disorders. When used in combination with an infrared sauna, the benefits are truly mesmerizing.

The Health Benefits of Light Therapy

Explore the many health benefits of combining colour light therapy and infrared saunas.

Health Benefits

Benefits of colour light therapy can include:

Cosmetic Benefits

Did you know that colour light therapy can be used to help treat the symptoms of aging?

An effective treatment for anti-aging, colour light therapy can help reduce the appearance of face lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and age spots.

Colour light therapy helps to energize the skin cells, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, helping the skin to achieve a more youthful appearance. When used in combination with the effects of a sauna, the effect on your skin is even more effective.

Healing with Colour Light Therapy

Each colour can help influence and trigger certain health improvements.


Red can help to relieve stiffness, ease the symptoms of a cold or flu, increase energy levels, boost the circulatory system, and improve strength.


Blue can help to treat ailments associated with speech and communication, relax your body and mind, improve sleep patterns, provide wisdom and clarity, and influence a positive mindset.


Yellow can help to repair scar tissue, influence creativity and a higher mental state, strengthen the nerves, promote self control, improve the digestive system, increase awareness, and improve the ability to perceive or understand.


Violet can help to treat symptoms of neurosis, diseases of the scalp, sciatica, tumours, rheumatism, cerebrospinal meningitis, concussion, cramps, and epilepsy. It can help to purify your thoughts, inspire you, enhance creative and artistic abilities, and connect you to your spiritual self, bringing guidance, wisdom and inner strength.


Green is known as the universal colour of healing, helping to provide an equal balance and harmony both physically and spiritually. Green can help to relax muscles, nerves and thoughts, cleanse and balance energy, provide a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony, improve energy, reduce stress and soothe your thoughts, and heal many illnesses of this nature, including heart troubles, decreasing and stabilizing blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, headaches, nervous disorders, and influenza.


Orange can help to free the mind and relieve repression, heal the body, invoke creativity and deeper thinking, influence a positive mindset, and repair the inflammation of the kidneys, gallstones, menstrual cramps, epilepsy, wet cough, and all sinus conditions.