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Do You Need More Family Time?


Do you find it difficult to find time to spend time with your family? You are not alone! As the kids get older more time goes into organized sports, extracurricular activities, homework, school, work, and social lives. This means less time for family.

Here are some reasons why Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are a great way to bring the family together:

No Shoes, No Phones, No Problem! 

Kick off your shoes, leave the phones inside and get in the hot tub! Pay attention to those you are with rather than people who are on the other end of the line. 

  • No phone calls: We have all been there before – right in the middle of a conversation the telephone rings and the person you are talking to suddenly becomes immersed in a new conversation with someone else. To avoid interruptions leave the telephone inside, just because it’s cordless doesn’t mean you have to bring it outside! 
  • No texting: How many times have you been in talking to someone and they pull out their phone to text someone while you are in mid-sentence? Ask family members to keep their cellphones inside. This way family members are not inclined to text friends and their phones stay nice and dry! 

Time Well Spent

  • Being in the comfort of your own backyard means not having to feel rushed or being cut off when you get to your destination. You can spend as much time as you want in the hot tub while being on no one’s schedule but your own. The time you spend driving your kids to practice or to a friend’s house does not count as quality time! 
  • Not only are you spending time with the ones you love, but you also get to relax while doing it! Hear all about what’s going on in each other’s lives while the jets work their magic and massage all of your problem areas. 

Impromptu Family Time 

The benefit of owning a hot tub is that you do not have to plan when to use it! 

  • When you are going for a nice soak, ask your family members if they would like to join you- you would be surprised how often they will say yes.
  • Sometimes you may not even have to ask if they would like to accompany you. Your family members will see how much fun you are having and will just hop in!  

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