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Quick Hot Tub Cleaning Tips


The Jacuzzi® Hot Tub lifestyle is all about entertainment, rest, and relaxation, but in order to fully enjoy your hot tub, you’ll need to keep it clean and inviting. Use the quick hot tub cleaning tips to ensure that your hot tub continues to entice with fresh, clean water.

  • Wipe it down after use — Keep a clean absorbent towel nearby and quickly wipe down the hot tub and its cover after each use. This will help to reduce unsightly spots and grime from accumulating on the hot tub’s outer surfaces.  
  • Periodically clean the whole hot tub — Remove dirt and oil build-up by periodically using a mild, non-abrasive hot tub cleaner and a soft rag. Make sure to use a non-sudsing cleanser, preferably one formulated for hot tub cleaning. A simple solution of baking soda and water works nicely for minor surface cleaning.  
  • Tackle soap scum rings with baking soda — It’s not unusual for an unpleasant ring of scum to appear near the waterline of any hot tub due to beauty products, oil, and debris from occupants. Make a paste out of banking soda and gently rub it on the soap scum line, ideally before the ring gets too noticeable. Let it sit for a few minutes if necessary and then wipe it clean.  
  • Replace the filters according to your hot tub manufacturer’s recommendations and as needed — If the manufacturer recommends replacing the filter every two years, do so as recommended. However, if your hot tub gets a great deal of use or exhibits signs that the filters are no longer effective, you may need to replace them more frequently.  
  • Clean the filters each month — Your filters will accumulate debris and minerals over time. Periodically spraying down your filters using a garden hose and sprayer can remove the gunk and help the filters work as efficiently as possible.  
  • Use a hot tub cover — The best way to keep a hot tub clean is to keep dirt and leaves from falling into it in the first place, making it essential to buy a hot tub cover and use it. If you find it too difficult to use your hot tub cover, consider investing in a hot tub cover lift as it will make it much easier to remove and replace the hot tub cover before and after each soak.  
  • Use a pre-filter — Jacuzzi® makes a pre-filter that can be attached to your hose prior to filling your hot tub. The pre-filter removes impurities before they ever reach your hot tub, resulting in clean water to start with. The pre-filter can be used several times.  
  • Use spa enzymes — Spa enzymes can be used to naturally break down fats and oils that tend to accumulate over time. They’ll also eliminate that unpleasant ring of scum from appearing.  
  • Soak the jets — If your hot tub’s jets are clogged, gently remove the nozzles and soak them in vinegar.


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