Wellness Shop Referral program

At Wellness Shop, we value customers who refer their friends and family. That’s why we’ve put together a referral program that rewards you with our most premium services.

Refer your Friends and Get Rewarded

Earn endless rewards, and help the closest to you unlock wellness. The Wellness Shop Referral Program is truly a unique experience where you can receive our premium products and services for each referral who purchases a Jacuzzi® J-300™ series or above.

How it Works

The greatest compliment a customer can give us is the Referral of a friend or family member. Help those closest to you get the Wellness Shop experience



Refer someone who purchases a J-300 Series Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or above and receive: 

1 year of Silver Maintenance valued at $799



Refer a second person who purchases a J-300 Series Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or above and receive:

1 year of Gold Maintenance valued at $1,199



Refer a third person who purchases a J-300 Series Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or above for enrolment into the Jacuzzi for Life Program

Valued at the cost of a brand new hot tub every three years. For Life!

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Terms and Conditions

Rules and Exclusions

In order for a referral to be eligible, either the person making the referral or the potential customer being referred must fill out the landing page before a sale happens. The referral and person being referred must be noted with all applicable information.

Referrals will only be valid from Sept 1, 2022, onwards. No previous referrals will be eligible.

Referral rewards are awarded one week after delivery.

One week after delivery of their third referral, customers will be enrolled into Jacuzzi For Life. By signing up for Jacuzzi For Life, the customer must agree to all terms and conditions of the Jacuzzi For Life Program by signing a Jacuzzi For Life contract. This includes being enrolled in a maintenance package with continuous billing and paying the applicable delivery, removal and freight charges for each swap. The costs can be found here.

In order to qualify, a customer must own a Jacuzzi J-Series spa no older than 8 years old based on the current date of a qualifying purchase by a referral. Pre Owned Certified purchases do qualify. So, if someone with a UJ or J-200 series makes referrals, once their 3rd referral is delivered, they will be given the option to have their tub swapped out for a new J-335/345 or pay the difference to go to a different model in the JFL program.

If the person making the referrals does not own a Jacuzzi J-Series Spa, each referral they give that meets the purchasing conditions will result in a $150 store credit at hottubstore.ca for the person who logged the referral.

If the customer making the referral is already enrolled in a Silver or Gold Maintenance Plan, upon completion of their first referral, they will automatically be bumped to the next level for one year. If already on Platinum, they will have their next year for free. After their second referral, they will receive $500 of store credit to hottubstore.ca. They would then be eligible for Jacuzzi For Life upon delivery of their third referral.

If a customer is already a member of Jacuzzi For Life, they will receive their regular maintenance plan for free for a one-year period for the first referral a $1,000 credit to hottubstore.ca for their second referral, and a $5,000 credit towards any of our other award-winning wellness products, such as Saunas, Massage Chairs, All Season Pools and Outdoor Enclosures for their third referral.

Only new J-300, J-400 and All Season Pool referral purchases qualify for the program. Purchases of Pre-Owned Certified spas do not qualify. This means that if a customer who is referred buys anything other than a new J-300 series Jacuzzi or above, or an All Season Pool of any size, their referral will not count towards this program. Instead, the person referring will be rewarded with a $150 store credit to hottubstore.ca.

Wellness Shop reserves the right to cancel this referral program at any time without notice.

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