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The Unique History of Burlington, Ontario


Burlington, Ontario is a beautiful town that’s been ranked highly in terms of quality of life.

It’s one of the best places in Canada to retire and also one of the best Canadian cities to raise children.

Between the lovely temperate summers and unique historical culture, it makes sense why Burlington is so popular.

Let’s take a look at some unique historical facts about the town.

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The Unique History of Burlington, Ontario

The Area was Originally a Primeval Forest

It makes sense that Burlington was originally a dense, sprawling forest that stretched along to the coastline from where Toronto was located to the northern town of Hamilton.

Judging by our comfortable summers and cloudy, cold summers (which are best spent enjoyed in the comfort of an infrared sauna), it makes sense that Burlington was originally a primeval, lush forest of pine that was brimming with wildlife.

The First Building Commissioned was the King’s Head Inn

The King’s Head Inn was the first-ever building to be commissioned in Burlington in 1796.

While the original location has been lost to time, there is evidence of it being mentioned in the journal from around that time. During the War of 1812, the Inn was a prominent battle point.

The Town was Once a Thriving Farming Community

It’s no surprise that Burlington was originally a massive forest, so it also makes sense that there was originally a thriving farming community here.

In the early to late 1800s, pine and oak timbers were popular exports, as was wheat and numerous other cash crops that thrived well in the temperature summers and cold winters.

Today, infrared saunas, all season pools, and hot tubs are popular amongst homeowners to take on the often bitter, windy cold of winter– which can actually help you boost your immune system.

Burlington Still Boasts Its History Downtown

It’s not always easy to preserve the history of a small town when buildings and artifacts are lost to time, but Burlington proudly boasts its historical pride downtown.

A simple walking tour will show visitors magnificent historical businesses and Victorian and Gothic Revival mansions, as well as the Zimmerman House, which was built in 1860.

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How was our list of Burlington’s unique history? Tell us a story about Burlington that we missed in the comments below!


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