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Is There A Difference Between an All Season and Traditional Pool?


Are you wondering what the difference is between an all season pool and a traditional one? Maybe you’ve dreamed of adding a pool to your backyard, but you wished there was a less expensive option. Or perhaps your backyard is spatially-challenged, and you’re unsure about what your options are. Before you chuck in the towel, or splash out and make an investment, keep reading! In this article, we break down the differences between an all-season pool and a traditional one to help you find the perfect pool for your lifestyle and budget.


One of the major and defining differences between an all season pool and a traditional one is the price-tag! If you’re not ready for the expense of a swimming pool, an all-season pool is an affordable way to go. Both installation and maintenance costs are less expensive, and because all-season pools are insulated with foam covers, they’ll slash your heating bills and reduce the environmental impact of your energy use.


Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a casual swim warrior, you’ll definitely feel the burn in an all season pool! Unlike traditional swimming pools, all-season pools challenge you to swim against the current for the duration of your workout. There’ll be less time to rest in between strokes, as you would in a regular pool, which means faster improvements in your fitness level!


You really can have it all, in an all season pool. While you can only swim in a traditional pool for around three to four months per year, you’ll have the ability to work out every day of the year in an all-season pool. And that’s not all… 


You also get to have the run of the mill where activities are concerned. They can function as a gym, pool and hot tub (think hydrotherapy jets and massage) all in one package. Whether you want to work-out, splash around, or kick back and relax after your aquatic workout, you’ll find there’s a level of fitness and fun catered to your every need. 


No room in your backyard for a swimming pool? This is the perfect solution. With standard-sized models that are only 15 feet in length and less than 8 feet wide, they can fit into most backyards, patio or recreational areas and can be used indoors or outdoors. Intrigued? Check out our SwimLife™ all season pools! Designed and built by Jacuzzi®, they have the lowest average operating costs in the industry and can also be relocated when you move.


So now that you know the difference between an all-season and traditional pool, why not pop into our showroom and take an all-season pool test-ride? We have a range of SwimLife™ all-season pools available in our showrooms across Ontario at locations in Hamilton, Burlington, Whitby and more.  Contact your closest Wellness Shop dealership to learn more!


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