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Create a space within your own home and backyard that is dedicated to serving your needs. We have a selection of leisure products that can help you live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Shop from a wide selection of hot tubs, all season pools, saunas and gazebos at your local Wellness Shop location to get started today. 

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It’s time to put your needs first. With help from the experts at your local Wellness Shop location, you can transform your home and backyard into the perfect place for relaxation. Soak in a hot tub, swim in an all season pool, relax in a sauna, or spend time outdoors comfortably underneath a gazebo, the choice is all yours. 

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Explore the current saving opportunities available to you. Shop the best prices on hot tubs, all season pools, saunas, gazebos, and the accessories that complete them. For more information about our home and backyard products for sale or to learn more about how you can save, chat with our experts today. Our team of experts would be delighted to serve you. 

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs


With over 60 years of industry experience, you can expect nothing short of luxury with a Jacuzzi® Brand Hot Tub. A number of innovative features are integrated perfectly into each spa to benefit your health and wellness. Enjoy the perks of hydrotherapy jets, ergonomic seats, LED interior and exterior lights, high-grade audio systems, and so much more. To learn more about Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs for sale near you, visit your local Wellness Shop location today.

Swim Your Way to Better Health

Experience an entirely new and exciting approach to exercise, leisure and recreation. Our all season pools are designed with the best user experience in mind, providing you with an all-in-one system that can help you achieve your goals and live the lifestyle that you truly deserve. Keep learning about All Season Pools and how they can help you live your best life.



Enjoy 365 days a year


Can be installed inside or outside


Easy to maintain and clean


Improve your health and lifestyle

all season pool swimlife

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Learn more about our wellness products and maximize your overall experience with the information in our online learning centre. Access resources, guides, blogs, and additional information to improve your user experience for many years to come.

Upgrade Your Home With a Sauna

With an infrared sauna, you can enjoy the many home and lifestyle improvements that one has to offer. Easily installed and maintained, Clearlight® Infrared Saunas can offer you years of use and enjoyment. All you have to do is sit back and relax, while your home sauna takes care of the rest. 


With the addition of one of our products, you can expect so much more than just relaxation. You can look forward to more functionality, better appeal and even a boost in home value. Not to mention the positive changes to your health, lifestyle and social life!

Look forward to the following health and lifestyle benefits with our wellness products:

  • Eased aches, pains and tension in muscles and joints
  • Better sleep patterns and more energy
  • Less stress with regular relaxation
  • Improved mental and emotional health with self-care
  • More time spent with family and friends
  • Improved home and backyard leisure spaces
  • More time spent outside getting fresh air

To learn more about our hot tubs, all season pools and gazebos for sale, visit your local Wellness Shop location today. Our experts will gladly assist you, ultimately bringing your home and backyard to life once again with solutions built with your wellness in mind. 

Jacuzzi J-300 Hot Tub installed in Oakville, Ontario

Hot Tub and All Season Pool Health Benefits

Did you know that spending time in a hot tub or all season pool regularly can aid your best health? Whether you plan to relax or exercise, spending time within the comfort of the warm water can improve your health and wellness in many ways.

muscle tension and pain
Muscle Tension

Feeling tense? The hydrotherapy jets inside your spa are strategically placed to target the most stress-prone areas of your body, effectively relieving muscle tension.

joint pain
Joint Paint

The buoyancy of the water can help to lift weight and pressure from sore joints, while the warm water helps to ease stiffness.


Hydrotherapy can help to improve your sleep patterns. Create a relaxing bedtime routine with help from your hot tub or all season pool.


What better way to ease your stress than in the comfort of your hot tub or all season pool? Sit back, relax and let your spa do all the work.

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Visit your local Wellness Shop showroom to learn more about your favourite home and backyard additions. Shop hot tubs, all season pools, infrared saunas, gazebos, and more. 

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