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All Season Pools – Your Complete Guide (2024)


As the temperatures in Ontario finally begin to rise, you may be one of the many homeowners beginning to set their sites on a refreshing retreat for summer fun.

Before you invest in a costly, time-consuming pool installation, you may want to consider another option that can extend your swim season way past summer… an all season pool!

Whether you’ve heard of them before or this is your first time stumbling upon these magnificent backyard additions, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll dive into the depth of these year-round pools, exploring what makes then stand apart from traditional above-ground pools and how to choose the right one. Read on and prepare for a whole new way to enjoy your outdoor space!

backyard all season pool installation

What is an All Season Pool?

To put it simply, an all season pool is the perfect combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool.

All season pools range in size from 12 to 19 feet in length, seven feet in width and four feet in height.

Inside an all-season pool, there is a seating area, complete with two or more seats, a control panel, hydrotherapy jets, and an open-concept area featuring high-powered swim jets, perfect for exercise and recreation.

The built-in high-powered jet system can provide a stream of water strong enough for you to swim, walk or jog against, perfect for any healthy lifestyle.

They can be used 365 days a year, thanks to an advanced temperature system that can heat or cool the water, based on your preferences.

Some all season pools, like the SwimFit DualStream 19, even have dual-temperature options so that the seating area can be heated, while the open-concept area is kept cooler. The choice is all yours.

The Benefits of All Season Pools

Having an all season pool installed in your backyard and using it regularly can provide you with a range of wonderful benefits.

  • Raised home value
  • Improved home or backyard space
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Eased aches and pains
  • Enhanced fitness routine
  • Recreation and enjoyment
  • Better sleep patterns

Think of the benefits that you would gain from having a swimming pool or hot tub. That’s exactly what you can expect with an all season pool.

Above-Ground Pools vs. All-Season Pools

Typically built ‘above’ or ‘on’ the ground, above-ground pools are free-standing swimming pool structures that arrive in a kit and take just a few days to install.

They’re by far the least expensive alternative to a traditional in-ground swimming pool, but aesthetically, they’re an eyesore due to their corrugated metal walls, which can oxidize and easily rust. Not to mention, with our chilly Canadian winters, you only get to enjoy them for a few months of the year!

All-season pools, on the other hand, are miniature pools that seamlessly combine the soul-restoring soak of a hot tub with the fun and exercise of a swimming pool.

You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds: a powerful swim current ideal for swimming laps and resistance training, alongside a head-to-toe hydromassage—all in one convenient year-round package!

While they cost significantly more than above-ground pools, they look immeasurably better and provide more value for money.

Let’s explore some of the other ways these modern pools stand apart from their traditional counterparts.

Size and Space

Above-ground pools typically have round or oval shapes and range in size from 12” to 33” in diameter. They’re not suitable or safe for diving because they are typically only 48”- 52” deep.

However, for splashing around and having fun with your friends and family in the summer months, they provide endless hours of entertainment.

All-season pools come in at around 15 to 19 feet long and eight feet wide and are designed to fit into most backyards, patios, and recreational spaces. Like above-ground pools, they come with a uniform depth, shape, and size which can’t be customized. 

Year-Round Swimming

One of the great things about owning an all-season pool is that there’s no need to shut it down because of a few snowflakes.

Unlike above-ground pools that are good for swimming for three to four months in the year, all-season pools give you the ability to exercise, relax, and spend time in the water 365 days a year.

Swimming Experience

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a casual swim warrior, you’ll definitely feel the burn in an all season pool!

Unlike traditional swimming pools, all-season pools challenge you to swim against the current for the duration of your workout. There’ll be less time to rest in between strokes, as you would in a regular pool, which means faster improvements in your fitness level!

You also get to have the run-of-the-mill where activities are concerned. They can function as a gym, pool and hot tub all in one package.

Whether you want to work out, splash around, or kick back and relax after your aquatic workout, you’ll find there’s a level of fitness and fun catered to your every need.

Maintenance Efforts

When it comes to routine care, there’s less upkeep to do on an ongoing basis with an all-season pool, which will come as great news for the maintenance-shy.

That’s because all-season pools take up less space than above-ground pools, use less water and chemicals, and have their own pressure filtration systems.

swimlife swim spas - swimmer in an all season pool

How to Choose an All-Season Pool for The Perfect Swim

So you’ve decided an all season pool is exactly what you need, but how do you choose the right model? With so many types, models, and sizes to choose from, the wrong decision could adversely affect your expenses, lifestyle and even the value of your home.

To help ensure you can make the best decision for your lifestyle, we’ve compiled a few points for your consideration.

What Makes a Perfect All Season Pool?

First and foremost, let’s quickly review the four key ingredients that go into a good swim current:

1. A Strong Current

It seems obvious, but if your swim current isn’t strong enough to challenge you, how are you going to get a good workout? Look for a current with adjustable levels to ensure it can continue challenging you even as you gain strength.

2. An Easy to Control Current

Having an easy-to-control or adjustable current is vital. Otherwise, where’s the joy if you can’t vary the speed and swim at a pace you’re accustomed to?

Better yet, with a wide variety of current speeds, teaching your kids to swim becomes infinitely easier as you gain complete control of their experience.

3. A Smooth Current

Have you ever tried swimming in turbulent water? It’s not fun. Find an all-season pool with a current system and shell design that achieves a smooth current by providing a predictable stream while keeping waves from crashing back toward you.

4. A Wide Swim Lane

The “swim lane” of your all-season pool is where the current is produced. If you want an enjoyable swimming experience, you’ll need a lane thats both wide enough for your swim style, and long enough to ensure an unobstructed swim.

So, now we know the four key ingredients that make up a good swim current, let’s review the elements you’ll want to look for in an all season pool.

all season pools for sale in the gta

What To Look For in Your All Season Pool

Powerful Swim Pumps

Want a powerful swim? You’ll need a powerful pump. When assessing the power of the swim pump, pay close attention to the gallons per minute (GPM) which provides an accurate measurement of how much water the pump moves. Ignore the horsepower rating which measures how much power the pump uses.

Electronic Valves

Electronic valves give you more robust control when it comes to varying the speed of the current. Avoid manual valves with a limited speed range, and instead, seek out current controls that allow you to vary the flow at the touch of a button.

Widestream Jets

Widestream jets not only create the current, but they spread the current over a wider area. If you can imagine trying to swim in a narrow swim lane, it would be very difficult to do.

If your body slightly veers to the right or left, you could be pushed out of the swim lane altogether and have to fight to get back in.

Swim Channel Shell Design

The Swim Channel shell design in the Swim-Life™ swim spa reduces turbulence and keeps swimmers in their swim lane. It also features a new reflective wave design to keep water from crashing back into you and boasts the largest unobstructed swim tank, giving swimmers the ultimate swim experience every time.

All Season Pools For Sale in The GTA At Wellness Shop

Looking for a brand that’s experienced in creating the perfect swim? Why not take one of the many Swim-Life™ swim spas for a wet test? It’s the best way to know which all-season pool is right for you.

Wellness Shop is well-equipped to help those interested in all-season pools. We encourage you to explore the extensive selection of swim spas available at our many showrooms across Southern Ontario.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready and available, ensuring that every customer receives expert advice tailored to their needs so that you can make an informed decision about which all-season pool best fits your lifestyle.

We have a range of SwimLife™ swim spas available in our showrooms, including locations in Hamilton, Burlington, Whitby, and more. Contact your closest Wellness Shop to learn more!


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