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Do You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade for Your Spa?


The power limitations of your home shouldn’t prevent you from owning a hot tub, all-season pool or sauna. Especially when it’s all you’ve been dreaming about.

At Wellness Shop, we have a team of Electrical Partners who specialize in upgrading the electrical service for residential homes.

In fact, they make the entire experience as integrated and straightforward as possible. Not only will they take care of all the arrangements, but they will also keep you informed throughout the process.

200 AMP Service Upgrades Timeline

  1. Our Electrical Partner completes a free, no-obligation quote.
  2. Once the quote has been accepted, our Electrical Partner will submit a request to your hydro provider to have the power disconnected. Disconnecting the power will allow our team to complete the upgrade.
  3. Your hydro provider will perform a site survey to determine if the current electrical service can be successfully upgraded to 200 amps.
  4. After the site survey is complete, the hydro provider will contact our Electrical Partner to set a date to disconnect the power.
  5. Our Electrical Partner will contact you to confirm the date provided by your hydro provider and then schedule the appointment with you to have the panel upgraded.
  6. After your panel has been upgraded, the installation of your hot tub, all-season pool or sauna is often completed the same day.

Not only will our Electrical Partner coordinate and communicate all details to have the job completed, but they will also pull all of the necessary permits and have the work inspected by the ESA. You can enjoy a no-hassle process with guaranteed work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Panel Upgrades

How Much Does a Panel Upgrade Cost?

A standard panel upgrade can range from $1,885 plus HST to $3,500 plus HST. The cost will depend on the type of panel upgrade and whether the new service will be run via overhead wires or underground.

Panel upgrade costs are in addition to the standard electrical services offered with Wellness Shop packages. Our Electrical Partners will provide a detailed quote for you to review and approve before moving forward.

How Long Does It Take to Determine if I Need a Panel Upgrade?

Determining if you need a panel upgrade can be done immediately. However, as a general rule, it takes two business days for our electrical partner to determine if a panel upgrade is required.

Our electrical partner will send you a quote to review and approve before moving forward.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Panel Upgrade?

How long it takes to complete a panel upgrade can vary depending on several factors. Some factors include your hydro company and how busy they are with current demand in your area. Our Electrical Partner will submit a request to your hydro provider.

It can take anywhere from two to 12 weeks before the hydro company will provide a date for the disconnect to occur and the actual service to be completed.

In some instances, our Electrical Partner can provide temporary service to your wellness product so that you can start enjoying it before your panel upgrade is completed.

Our Electrical Partner will notify you within two business days of hearing from the hydro provider as to when your panel upgrade is to be completed.

Electrical Panel Upgrades at Wellness Shop

Is your home in need of an electrical panel upgrade in order to install a hot tub, all-season pool, or sauna? Our team at Wellness Shop is happy to facilitate in the upgrade process. Contact your nearest Wellness Shop showroom today to get started.

Along with electrical panel upgrades, our team at Wellness Shop can provide you with a number of other helpful services for your hot tub, all-season pool, or sauna installation.

Spa Service

The owners of hot tubs and all-season pools can greatly benefit from regular, professional service. One of our service technicians can visit your home on a regular basis to inspect and clean the unit, so that it remains operational and safe to use.

This will also provide them with the opportunity to check for any problem areas, catching them before they grow into bigger, more costly issues.

Our hot tub and all-season pool service technicians can provide the following services:

  • Inspections
  • Water cleaning
  • Quarterly water changes
  • Repairs
  • Opening and closing
  • Winterization

Click here to learn more about our hot tub and all-season pool service solutions.

Sauna Service

Similar to spa service, our sauna service solutions will provide a professional with regular access to your sauna.

Whether you are experiencing an issue or simply would like to keep it in good working order, our team of service experts can assist.

Click here to request sauna service.

White Glove Service

Our White Glove Service covers delivery, installation, and electrical. This exclusive service takes all the hard work out of the equation, so all you have to worry about is finding the right hot tub, all-season pool or sauna, and then enjoying it.

Benefits include:

  • Electrical connection is coordinated for within 48 hours of delivery and installation
  • Our team fills and inspects your hot tub on-site, to ensure everything is working perfectly
  • Our team coordinates all necessary permits and facilitates ESA inspections
  • Confidence of having your spa or sauna delivered, installed and set-up by a professional

Contact your nearest Wellness Shop location today for more information.


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