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The Beginner’s Guide to Hot Tub Therapy


If you suffer from issues like muscle tension, joint pain, or arthritis, hot tub therapy may be the perfect solution for you. Modern, state-of-the-art hot tubs, such as those sold at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario, can use advanced water jets, heat, and buoyancy to help relieve pain and soothe your body.

This form of hot tub therapy is known as “Hydrotherapy”, and it has a variety of benefits. In this beginner’s guide to hot tub therapy, we’ll take a deep look at how it works, its benefits, and what problems it can treat. Let’s get started!


Hydrotherapy uses a unique combination of buoyant water, water jets, and heat to soothe muscles, joints, and bones.

The primary method of action is the combination of heat and massage found in most modern Jacuzzi tubs. Hot water relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow, and can help reduce swelling due to issues like tendonitis, arthritis, and muscle strain.

This allows your body to heal more effectively. In fact, the efficacy of heat for faster healing and pain relief has been proven by a variety of independent scientific studies. In this systematic review of hydrotherapy, heat exposure was shown as effective at increasing range-of-motion in patients who had suffered serious rotator cuff injuries.


Hydrotherapy has a wide variety of benefits. Here are some of the most powerful benefits of hot-tub based hydrotherapy.

  • Increased blood flow – Water is an extremely effective heat conductor. As your body warms up, your capillaries and blood vessels will dilate, allowing blood to be distributed more evenly throughout your body.
  • Faster healing – Because heat allows muscles to relax and promotes healthy blood flow, injuries heal more quickly.
  • Pain relief – The warmth and massaging jets found in hot tubs can help relieve pain due to joint stress, aging, and even arthritis.
  • Relieves joint stress – The buoyancy of a warm spa can help reduce the strain on your joints. This is particularly useful if you have arthritis, or have recently suffered a major joint strain or sprain, such as a rolled ankle.
  • Stress relief – The benefits of hydrotherapy aren’t just physical. Spas can also help you reduce your stress levels, clear your mind, and maintain a healthier mental state.


Hydrotherapy has a wide variety of applications. Here’s a list of the most common conditions that are treated with warm-water hydrotherapy.

  • Tension headaches – Stress-induced headaches can be reduced by regular hydrotherapy sessions.
  • Joint pain/arthritis – Warm water helps increase blood flow to soothe arthritic joints, and the buoyancy of the water relieves pain in knees, ankles, and hips.
  • Sleep problems – The peaceful sensation of soaking in a warm tub can help relieve stress, calm the mind, and prevent issues like insomnia.
  • Muscle strains and sprains – Hydrotherapy allows you to take the pressure off of a sprained joint, and increased blood flow aids in healing.
  • Muscle soreness – Muscles that are sore due to overuse or exercise can also be soothed by hydrotherapy.


To truly benefit from hydrotherapy, you must choose the right hot tub. Jacuzzi hot tubs are the best choice – with features like ergonomic seating, massage jet systems, easy-to-use controls, and even features such as built-in aromatherapy, and stereo systems for calming, peaceful music.

Interested in the benefits of hydrotherapy? Come to Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario now, and browse our selection of high-quality Jacuzzi brand hot tubs!  We have 9 separate locations in Burlington, Hamilton, Whitby, and more – see our directory online to find the showroom that’s nearest to you!

Our sales staff would be happy to educate you further about the benefits of hydrotherapy, and recommend a Jacuzzi Hot Tub that’s the right fit for your needs. So, come in today – and see how warm water hydrotherapy can change your life! 


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