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6 Things to Do in Oakville This Holiday Season


If you’re wondering how to enjoy the holidays safely in Oakville, Ontario, you actually have a lot of options.When you’re not soaking in your hot tub at home, there are a few activities you can enjoy that are safe, don’t involve crowds, and really capture the unique energy of Oakville.

1. Enjoy the Beautiful Parks

Oakville is known for its plentiful parks and gardens. Specifically, Bronte Creek Provincial Park is one of the most popular destinations to visit year-round. At 6.4 square kilometres, it’s quite easy to socially distance in the area.

2. Visit the Golf Hall of Fame

One of Oakville’s most famous attractions has to be the Golf Hall of Fame. This little museum is an excellent place to learn all about the history of golf in Canada and access historic materials and golf records. You may want to call or visit their website first to verify hours and discuss any limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Explore Downtown Oakville

Downtown Oakville, also known by locals as Old Oakville, stands on the side of Lake Ontario in southern Oakville. While the neighborhoods aren’t quite as lively this year as they usually are, this area is perfect for exploring and getting some great snapshots of the city.

It feels like a little village and there are tons of great restaurants where you can pick up some great Canadian food.

4. Enjoy a Beautiful Scenic Hike

The Trans Canada Trail runs along the entire length of Oakville’s lake coast, and it’s one of the best spots to enjoy hiking and cycling.

There are also a few car parks in the Oakville portion of the trail, but there are no rest areas or bathrooms – so come prepared!

5. Watch Holiday Lights

Oakville, like many great Canadian cities, is near many holiday light attractions. Both the Royal Botanical Gardens and Spencer Smith Park in Burlington have a variety of holiday light installations that you can walk through to enjoy.

For those who are open to going for a drive, Niagara Falls also has many holiday light attractions, including a drive-thru style show and the famously illuminated waterfalls Niagara Falls.

6. Go Skydiving Indoors

You read that correctly! iFLY Oakville has reopened after being temporarily closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, though they only offer limited hours.However, you still get to enjoy all the fun of skydiving indoors with iFLY’s indoor recirculating skydiving simulators.

Inside of a four-metre glass cylinder, you’ll be lifted off your feet by an airstream the passes by at 175 km per hour. That’s a pretty unique holiday experience, isn’t it?

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