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Above-Ground Pools vs. All-Season Pools


Deciding whether to install an above-ground pool or an all-season pool can be tricky for first-time buyers. With so many types, models, shapes, and sizes to choose from, the wrong decision could adversely affect your expenses, lifestyle and even the value of your home. To help you make up your mind, we’ve compiled a few points for your consideration. But first, let’s tackle the main difference between the two types of pools.


Typically built ‘above’ or ‘on’ the ground, above-ground pools are free-standing swimming pool structures that arrive in a kit and take just a few days to install. They’re by far, the least expensive alternative to a traditional swimming pool, but aesthetically, they’re an eyesore due to their corrugated metal walls which can oxidize and easily rust.


All-season pools, on the other hand, are miniature pools that combine the soul-restoring soak of a hot tub with the fun and exercise of a swimming pool. You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds: a seamless swim current ideal for swimming laps and resistance training, alongside a head-to-toe hydromassage. While they cost significantly more than above-ground pools, they look immeasurably better and provide more value for money.


Above-ground pools typically come in round or oval shapes and vary in size from 12” to 33” in diameter. They’re not suitable or safe for diving because depth-wise, they are just either 48”- 52” deep. However, for splashing around and having fun with your friends and family in the summer months, they provide endless hours of entertainment.

All-season pools come in at around 15 feet long and eight feet wide and are designed to fit into most backyards, patios, and recreational spaces. Like above-ground pools, they come with a uniform depth, shape, and size which can’t be customized.  


If you’re budget-conscious, an above-ground pool might be the way to go when considering the upfront costs. Kits start at around $3,000 and will include the actual pool (wall, bottom track, top ledge & posts), the liner, pump, filter, and a ladder. An additional $1,000 – $5,000 may also be required for the installation.

The total average cost of an all-season pool including installation is $30,000. While this may seem steep, there is a silver lining! All-season pools take less energy to heat the water, and some are well-insulated with Icynene foam covers, which means savings for you and your monthly hydro bills. 


One of the great things about owning an all-season pool is that there’s no need to shut it down because of a few snowflakes. Unlike above-ground pools that are good for swimming for three to four months in the year, all-season pools give you the ability to exercise, relax, and spend time in the water 365 days of the year.


There’s less upkeep to do on an ongoing basis with an all-season pool, which will come as great news for the maintenance-shy. That’s because all-season pools take up less space than above-ground pools, use less water and chemicals, and have their own pressure filtration systems


Now that you know the difference between an above-ground pool and an all-season pool, why not pop into our showroom and take an all-season pool test ride? We have a range of SwimLife™ all-season pools available in our showrooms across Ontario at locations in Hamilton, Burlington, Whitby and more. Contact your closest Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario dealership to learn more!


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