Smart Shade

Why Smart Shade?

Cost Effective

Quick Install

Manual Louvers Operation

Sun & Rain Protection

About Smart Shade

Our louver system allows you to let in light when the sun is shining and shelters you when it rains. With the simple turn of a handle you can control the ambient temperature surrounding your pergola. Let in as much or as little light as you’d like. Protect yourself when the sun is at its strongest or when a storm rolls in. Our louvers allow you to ventilate your outdoor living space while protecting you from the elements.

Smart Shades add additional value to your home or business! Made of aluminum, manufactured in Canada, and no maintenance necessary.


Sun & Rain Protection

Smart Shade is always a good idea if you want to create cozy and pleasant side on your backyard and transfer it to another level.

Building a big construction such as pergola takes some time and efforts, that’s why a lot of homeowners hesitate whether ‘to build or not to build’. While placing Smart Shades you should consider on a lot of features and options.

If you decide to save money and to build it on your own, Smart Shades are a great option.

They will serve for the lifetime and one of the huge benefits here is that they are easy to install, even if you do not have an experience of a builder. In any way it is a great investment in handsomeness of your garden and your dwelling as well.

The Most Durable Outdoor Sunshade

Speak to an expert at your local Jacuzzi Ontario to get started today. One of our specialists will gladly assist you.

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