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5 Best Things To Do Outside in Burlington and Hamilton


Are you planning on enjoying some outdoor time in Burlington or Hamilton, Ontario?

This lovely area is a great spot to enjoy nature and outdoor activities year-round, with the exception of some pretty chilly winters.

Check out our top five things to do outside in these two cities!

5 Things to Do Outside in Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario

Without further ado, here are our top five outdoor activities in the Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario areas:

1. Go for a Hike

If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle, these two cities have excellent hiking trails, especially Burlington. Currently, you can enjoy more than 20 different hiking trails between the two cities, from Waterdown Trail to Smokey Hallow to Mount Nemo Loop.

These trails are especially lovely to hike in the summer when nature is at its greenest and most active.

Did you know that Hamilton is the waterfall capital of the world? Even in the winter you can experience the beauty of many waterfalls, from Felker’s Falls to Webster’s Falls!

2. Enjoy a Local Garden or Historical Site

The Royal Botanical Gardens is Burlington’s top attraction by far, and for good reason. It’s the largest public garden in Ontario!

Whether you’ll be staying in Burlington for some time or are just passing through, you simply have to stop here to enjoy the beauty and awe of the gardens.

Another beautiful outdoor attraction is Dundurn Castle. There is no shortage of rich history, beautiful architecture and outdoor spaces when you visit Dundurn Castle. Enjoy a family walk or organize your next family photoshoot.

3. Visit the Pier

Burlington and Hamilton sit along the coast of Lake Ontario, so there are plenty of piers to take a nice stroll on. Specifically, the Brant Street Pier is one of the more popular piers in the area. This S-shaped pier stretches 137 metres over the lake, and the views from the pier are breathtaking.

4. Go Rock Climbing

Whether you’re an intermediate or seasoned climber, Hamilton and Burlington are two great spots for a good rock climbing session. The Mount Nemo Conservation Area is a popular destination for rock climbing, and is also one of the most well-known spots in Southwestern Ontario.

Starting at a rate of 5.9 with some areas dipping between 5.10 and 5.12, we wouldn’t recommend this spot for absolutely newbies.

5. Enjoy the Farmer’s Market

If you love a good farmer’s market and love the experience of picking your own produce straight from the ground, you’ll love Stonehaven Farms’ quant energy and fun atmosphere.

Opened at the turn of the century in Burlington, this market boasts a large farm, shop, corn maze, and wagon rides. Visitors can enjoy the farmer’s market booths and even pick their own pumpkins and strawberries from the fields themselves.

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